Dryden Aqua Raises Its European Profile

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The largest swimming pool complex in Scandanavia has been converted to the Dryden Aqua DAISY system

Water treatment specialists Dryden Aqua recently welcomed some of Europe’s top swimming pool engineers to their new activated filter media (AFM) production facility in Scotland.

The new facility has now been in operation for six months and has already processed 20,000 tonnes of glass water filtration media that is exported all over the world.

Dr Howard Dryden, founder of Dryden Aqua commented: “Our new manufacturing facility was constructed to meet the demand for AFM, and we’re now at a point where we can produce up to 40,000 tonnes per year – enough to supply the entire European pool industry.

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Deputy first minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon recently visited the new Dryden Aqua production facility in Edinburgh.

“Also in the new facility are three laboratories, two of which are for checking AFM with the third being for water and biological analysis. Facilities now include DNA testing for cryptosporidium and giardia parasites in pools as well as mobile testing systems for nitrogen trichloride in the atmosphere of pool buildings.”

Dryden Aqua has certainly made its mark on the European pool market – in the last eight years, the company has supplied AFM to over 100,000 swimming pools. Most of the pools are private however a high percentage are large public facilities such as the Olympic pool complex in Esbjerg, Denmark.

“The UK pool industry is in the unfortunate position that there are no formal standards for filter media,” says Howard. “Standards drive quality and help ensure that only the best products are used, and this is the situation in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. These areas are where Dryden Aqua is most active, to the extent that Dryden Aqua now supplies over 80% of all pool installations in Switzerland.”

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