NEW SWISS FACTORYDue to the rapid growth of AFM sales worldwide and the success of the Dryden Aqua DAISY pool system, Dryden Aqua have announced the opening of their second AFM production facility in Busserach, Switzerland. The factory will be the most sophisticated glass processing plant in the World and will be a worldwide showcase for sustainable production facilities. 100% of the electricity requirements will be collected from solar panels which form the cladding of the building and rainwater will be collected in underground storage tanks to provide all water for the plant. The new factory will allow for increased production capacity and use cutting edge technology to refine the AFM production process and deliver the next evolution of AFMg – a hydrophobic activation process that guarantees removal of 95% of particles down to 1 micron (independently accredited by IFTS). Due to the more advanced requirements of the ng activation process, AFMng will initially only be available in continental Europe. The existing Scottish plant will be closed mid 2020 for extensive upgrading to prepare for the AFMng UK launch in 2021.

Dryden Aqua
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