OCEA’S NEW ECLIPSE range is offered with improved algae prevention.
OCEA’S NEW ECLIPSE range is offered with improved algae prevention.

Leading automatic slatted cover manufacturer, Ocea, believe their new Eclipse profile design is taking slatted solar heating covers to another level. Crucially, the Eclipse connection protects each profile joint, giving greater benefits over other slatted covers, so dirt or algae between the slats is a thing of the past. All polycarbonate Eclipse slats are improved with a UV layer and a seamless colour match across the entire cover. Offering easy maintenance for both cleaning and repair the improvements enhance solar heating by up to 10 per cent.

“The new Eclipse cover has a connection that is designed so that there are no breaks in the solar coverage improving the solar heating capability of our covers, keeping the strong but flexible joints between each slat but with improvements for easy fitting and quick replacement,” explains Ocea Sales Executive, Michael Witney.


“Maintenance of individual sections now have the added benefit that the joints completely cover the water surface leaving no way for algae or dirt to be trapped in inaccessible areas meaning that the cover stays cleaner and requires far less maintenance,” Michael continues. “This, with the addition of a top protective UV layer, means the cover will stay fade-free, reducing the problem of the cover going dull over time, extending the lifespan of the product. “All this added value and the slatted cover still retains its flexibility which allows it to travel on and off the pool effortlessly without the need for ropes or pullies.”

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