IAN OGILVIE, Janice Calvert and new PWTAG chair Colin Day pictured at the recent PWTAG agm.

At its recent agm, PWTAG elected a new chair and vice-chair, decided to look for a chief executive and set out on a path they hope will increase their effectiveness and influence. The new chair is Colin Day who represents the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers, the vice chair Ian Ogilvie of the Institute of Swimming.

In this, her final annual report, Janice Calvert – chair for 12 years on and off – looked back as well as forward. “At the end of this second term as chair, I look forward to finally passing on the baton – and with considerable progress made on my last lap. It is time for new blood to take the group to the next stage in our evolution.”

Janice pointed out that recent years have brought financial security, largely through the introduction and growth of the industry and training forums and the development of practical training initiatives. Janice said: “After many years relying mainly on book sales and member subscriptions to fund our important work (and fruitless attempts to get government funding) our healthy finances mean we can expand modestly.

We will appoint a part-time CEO to promote our development.” Meanwhile the regular work continues – as it has for almost 40 years. In the last 12 months PWTAG has produced technical notes on extending pool use, monitoring pools remotely and suction entrapment. PWTAG also produced an important, longer work – the first in a series of guidance notes – Net Zero Carbon Pools.

Our Code of Practice remains a much-used, freely available adjunct to our bible, Swimming Pool Water.“This last year has seen some very tricky demands. Covid had been enough of a challenge, but as that threat faded, disinfectant supplies shrank and energy cost rises threatened the very future of many pools.

PWTAG was able to publish timely advice on these issues,” added Janice. Plans for our annual conference in November 2023 are well underway. It will be in person after many distant years. PWTAG’s next research project has started, its aim to assess the effectiveness of coagulants under normal operation – using particle counting and turbidity measurements.

The future may bring on-line training, podcasts, Youtube videos etc; our website is the way to keep in touch. A final word from Janice: “None of this would be possible without the invaluable contributions of our members and their organisations. Thank you all.”