Exclusive Club Welcomes New Members

Members of the DAISY Club enjoyed a visit to the Dryden Aqua factory in Edinburgh in February
Members of the DAISY Club enjoyed a visit to the Dryden Aqua factory in Edinburgh in February

Representatives from some of the UK’s leading pool companies were welcomed at the Dryden Aqua HQ in February, in the first of a three part technical training academy to become fully-fledged members of the new and exclusive DAISY Club. The members-only club is made up of pool companies that are dedicated to offering and installing Dryden Aqua’s DAISY and DAISY+ water treatment systems to their client base. Companies can join the club on an invitation-only basis and are selected by Pollet Pool Group – Dryden Aqua’s sole distributor of its swimming pool products in the UK. Traditional water treatment avoids disease transmission by using more and more chlorine, UVc irradiation or ozone. Instead of using more powerful disinfectants, Dryden Aqua’s DAISY system changes the water to make it difficult for bacteria and parasites to live and to reproduce.

CRYSTAL CLEAR : As a result of the bio-resistant Activated Filter Media (AFM), bacteria have no substrate on which they can grow and multiply. Bacteria is removed through advanced coagulation, flocculation and filtration. In fact, the DAISY filters almost everything out of the water and reduces the chlorine demand to the lowest level possible. The lower the chlorine oxidation demand, the lower the concentration of chlorine disinfection by-products in the water and in the air. Dryden Aqua has certainly made its mark on the global pool market, with more than 200,000 commercial and private swimming pools now using its AFM worldwide. After an introduction to Dryden Aqua’s revolutionary approach to water treatment by Dr Howard Dryden, the DAISY Club members enjoyed a tour of the Edinburgh-based factory and got to see first hand the complex process involved in producing AFM. “It was a pleasure to spend time listening to people who understand filtration, microbiology and chemical conditions and influences in pool water,” commented DAISY Club member Rob Perry of Advanced Pool Services. “I was highly motivated by the day and I see a strong future for the products in my market place.”

SURPASSING EXPECTATIONS : Shelley Wilcox of Rio Pools added: “We have installed the DAISY system in a number of pools and it has surpassed ours and our clients’ expectations. Our clients have been impressed with the low levels of chlorine and the one even likened the bathing experience to swimming in silk.” DAISY Club member companies benefit from improved discounts on all Dryden Aqua products, plus an annual rebate scheme based on a set target sales of Dryden Aqua products.

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