Expert Team Stands The Test of Time

Astral and Heatstar work together as a joint enterprise and have been an effective business partnership for just over 16 years.
Astral and Heatstar work together as a joint enterprise and have been an effective business partnership for just over 16 years.

Business partnerships are notoriously hit and miss, yet two of the industry’s biggest names have been working successfully together for almost two decades – proving that some relationships really can stand the test of time. Heatstar and AstralPool’s unique trading partnership combines the Heatstar product range of swimming pool climate control systems with Astral’s pool sector distribution services. The relationship even pre-dates the conception of the Fluidra Group and AstralPool as a brand.

Today Heatstar, AstralPool and the Fluidra Group are forging an even stronger relationship through changes and innovations in both business development and customer service. “In simple terms Astral’s role is to promote, distribute and support the Heatstar product range to the pool trade in the UK and Ireland,” comments Paul Scott, director of Heatstar. “The major benefit for Heatstar is that it enables us to concentrate on our core strengths of cutting edge product development and innovation, quality manufacturing and aftersales service with technical advice.  It also enables us to respond effectively to overseas market enquiries and development,” says Paul. He adds: “The relationship allows us to contract out a large part of the sales administration process and the logistical task of distributing and delivering products.”


As a specialist British manufacturer of heat recovery and humidity control systems, Heatstar has been a flag-bearer for energy-efficiency for over three decades, which contributes greatly to Astral’s ambition to be a leader in providing energy efficient solutions across the sector. Aside from the effective delivery and distribution exclusively to the pool trade, Astral’s additional support completes Heatstar’s pre and post sales package.

Astral’s dedicated heating and ventilation specialist, John Harvey, is customer-facing and his role serves as a link between manufacturer, distributor and contractor. John Harvey explains: “My role is flexible depending on each client’s set-up and requirements. With all projects I’m on hand to offer help and guidance on all areas of climate control and H & V; sometimes that can be just to explain a technical issue within the quotation, be a second pair of eyes at the site, or to assist or complete the climate control side of the site visit. “I also provide one to one or group presentations on new Heatstar products or often reminder sessions on the full product range to ensure the contractors are aware of the range of options available.”


Knowledge and training is a crucial part of the Astral-Heatstar ethos, a service which has been accelerated this year with the launch of new-style technical training seminars and certification at a brand new dedicated training and display facility at Astral’s Fareham HQ.

Hosted by Heatstar’s technical team, the seminars are designed to give the trade a more in-depth look at the technology behind Heatstar’s product range. This year has already seen one of Heatstar’s new initiatives included on all appropriate products. From January 1st 2016 new rules regarding energy efficiency came into place in the form of the Ecodesign of Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive – specifically, those requirements for ventilation units. Also as part of this initiative, even more stringent energy efficiency criteria will come into effect from January 1st 2018.

Paul Scott of Heatstar adds: “Heatstar have ensured that their range of environmental control systems are fully compliant with all the efficiency standards detailed in this directive. When clients choose Heatstar they also get complete peace of mind from changing regulations.”

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