THE MYSPA TEAM were among the first to spot the potential for Aqua Technics Pools to run alongside their existing business.

Aqua Technics Pools UK, the distributor for the top-rated one-piece composite pools in the UK and Europe, has begun implementing its comprehensive in-field training sessions for dealers. Recently appointed dealers, who have secured exclusive regions following the Australian brand are now getting fully acquainted with Aqua Technics Pools by participating in a tour of homes featuring Aqua Technics pools.

Dorian Davies, the dealer network manager at Aqua Technics Pools UK, explains the training process: “We kick off at our headquarters in Ashford with coffee and a briefing session before heading out to visit six nearby homes. “These locations are selected so that by day’s end, dealers and their teams have observed first hand a variety of our best-selling pools in all popular colours, complete with various factory options like different covers, swim jets, fittings, and lighting.

“While photos and videos are useful, nothing beats experiencing the product installed and operational to truly appreciate the superior quality of Aqua Technics Pools. We also review all the considerations made during pre-sale site visits to plan the logistics of pool installation.”

The busy schedule includes a lunch break at a local eatery and a visit to Aqua Technics Pools UK’s production facility. Here, dealers can witness the company’s dedication to maintaining UK inventory received from Australia and observe pools being fitted out and plant rooms being prefabricated before being transported to new owners using custom, crane-equipped delivery vehicles.

Dorian adds: “When visiting sites where the pool owners are present, they often share their reasons for choosing Aqua Technics over other types of pool construction and other one-piece pool brands. “This genuine feedback is invaluable for dealers when interacting with their own future customers, as it provides honest insights that go beyond sales pitches or brochures.”

Andy Wroot from MySpa UK in Leicestershire, who attended a training session with three of his sales and installation staff, shared his experience: “The dealer training day was fantastic, we all really enjoyed it. “More importantly, seeing the pools in the ground, full of water and landscaped, and seeing first-hand the pre-plumbed, prefabricated plant rooms and the variety of colours and options available was absolutely invaluable.

“We all found it immensely beneficial and it will make a hugely positive difference in our dealings with our customers. “It was also incredibly impressive seeing the levels of stock held in the UK and where the pools are fitted out, as the quick turnaround is hugely advantageous in dealings with a lot of prospects.”

Applications for dealerships are welcome via email at dorian@aquatechnicsuk.com or by calling 03300 437061. For more information, visit www.aquatechnicsuk.com.