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PAUL AND JACKIE SCOTT and the Heatstar team are celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary.

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of Heatstar. Four decades in which Heatstar have pioneered the genuine application of ‘top end quality’ and highly energy efficient, climate control systems for swimming pools and the company shows no signs of slowing down. Heatstar’s ‘story’ is one of not only success but of hard work along with the continued investment and integration of the latest technologies in order to stay on top of their game.

The heat pump as a heating method for swimming pools was developed by Tony Andrews, the founder of Heatstar and the father of current Heatstar Director Jackie Scott. His involvement was in response to increased energy awareness resulting from the 1973 oil crisis. Tony’s expertise came from his previous job as Chief Design Engineer at a large air conditioning manufacturing company. There, Tony was latterly responsible for creating fresh air and ground source heat pump design concepts for general heating applications. Tony Andrews possessed the vision to appreciate the potential future market for energy saving products that could literally “produce heat out of thin air” and he also possessed the engineering expertise to design and produce a successful product. Tony, subsequently started his own business venture, designing the first fresh air source heat pumps for dedicated application on a swimming pool – and the ‘Heatstar’ was created.



Heatstar was chosen as an appropriate brand name under which to market these early units. Tony then moved to create swimming pool dehumidifiers, initially small, simple, models which were mounted upon the pool room wall. Progressively, through the latter part of the 1970’s, these dehumidification products rapidly evolved and developed, to encompass heat recovery to pool water and ducted air distribution.A significant proportion of these early units are still in successful operation today. Jackie Scott attributes the company’s success to a continuous process of innovation along with plenty of hard work. Our continuing success in business and the market place is simply down to our loyal customers, hard work and the continuing dedication of all our staff at Heatstar who are constantly evolving and manufacturing industry leading products,” Jackie said. After the untimely passing of Tony in 1991 the reigns of product design was handed over to current Managing Director Paul Scott who continued to develop and advance the excellent Heatstar product range we see on the market today. Products launch over the past couple of years include the Phoenix MP, a multi-pass environmental control system with enhanced heat recovery and the Lynx Energy Management System bringing touchscreen and remote-control capability to the Heatstar product range — products that keep Heatstar at the forefront of innovation and energy efficiency.
Paul said: “Heatstar are very proud of what they have accomplished over the past 40 years and are looking forward to many more years to come of creating industry leading, high efficiency systems.” Heatstar extended a warm invitation to join them on their stand at SPATEX 2020 with celebrations in full swing including a bottle of champagne to each of the first 40 of Heatstar’s customers to visit the stand, along with a draw for one lucky winner of a special jeroboam bottle of champagne. As always Heatstar’s knowledgeable sales team were on hand to answer technical questions you may have or to discuss your upcoming any aspect of Heatstar’s pool environmental control systems.

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