ISPE Celebrates SPATEX Success

Mathew Smith, of Lovibond Tintometer, one of the Mega-Demo team
ABOVE: Mathew Smith, of Lovibond Tintometer, one of the Mega-Demo team

SPATEX 2019 saw 22 ISPE-organised workshops, covering a huge range of topics, and of the 22 sessions, a whopping 18 of them were either new titles, new speakers, or both. 2019 also saw the return of the ISPE Mega- Demos. Over two of the three days of SPATEX, Colin Day, FISPE, together with Matthew Smith from Lovibond Tintometer, presented a Water Testing Special which looked at how not to do a water test, different types of testing systems with the pros and cons of each, and featured live demonstrations of how to do some of the more unusual tests such as turbidity, copper and sulphates.

ISPE Celebrates SPATEX Success pic 2Another of the popular ISPE workshops saw Chris Carr, FISPE and Phil Barlow, FISPE, team-up to present a session entitled All Pumped Up, which featured a practical demonstration of how to best install, service and repair pumps for domestic pools. All ISPE workshops were well-attended and the Institute would like to thank all the companies who provided speakers throughout the three days. Recognising the need for specialist training in the commercial sector, the ISPE has endorsed the Pool and Spa Plant Operator (and related) training provided by a small number of companies who offer training in this area. This training is aimed at those swimming pool or spa operators working in hotels, schools, leisure clubs, holiday parks and other commercial facilities. All ISPE-Endorsed training is up-to-date and in line with all the respective Standards, Guidelines, Publications and Best Practices. Further details of the training provided by Flowman, Leisure Safety Training, The Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy and Studies in Work, may be provided on request from the Institute or from the companies direct.

Whilst the majority of training offered by the Institute is concerned with swimming pools, ISPE have featured various aspects of training related to spas on numerous occasions, both at ISPE Seminars and whole dedicated days at SPATEX. ISPE hope to announce further training in this area which may cover domestic and commercial spas, and, as before, will look at management, operation, maintenance and servicing, amongst other aspects. If you have any requirements or suggestions for future topics please get in touch.