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THE HELP FOR HEROES recovery centre at Tedworth House benefits from a Swimex pool with a DAISY water treatment system.

Every day is a school day with water treatment benefits like DAISY…

Without hesitation, Richard Bishop, MISPE, the founder of Aquathermae aquatic sports and hydrotherapy specialists, recommends the bespoke DAISY water treatment training. DAISY is a highly effective glass filter media, provided by Dryden Aqua through its UK and Ireland distributors, PPG. The activated filter media works, with good quality filters for efficient coagulation and flocculation. The DAISY method eliminates the chlorine smell in pools, bathers do not get sore eyes, the water turns blue and you can see clearly through up to 50 metres of water. “We learned so much on the recent eight-week online seminar training,” Richard shares. “We really like what Dryden Aqua are doing in the industry – with the thinking of a marine biologist, they are coming from a completely different angle,” he says. “It was an enormous benefit and proves that every day is a school day — even with 35 years hands on experience in the water leisure industry.” The Aquathermae portfolio of successfully completed projects reads like the latest football results. Manchester City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Reading, Queen Park Rangers and Stoke City all appear on the Aquathermae score sheet.

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THE DAISY SYSTEM delivers unrivalled water quality for hydrotherapy pools.

But it was the rugby stars of the British and Irish Lions’ South African touring squad who benefited from the latest Aquathermae project at The Strive Sports Academy in Jersey; officially opened last month by the Princess Royal. Under the careful guidance of Richard, Aquathermae has carved itself an impressive niche as providers of top-level Swimex hydrotherapy pools to elite sports facilities. Swimex lead by example with top level connections with the American NFL. Richard will wax lyrical about the superior benefits of the Swimex smooth flow current over turbines. With typical projects starting above the six-figure mark, attention to detail is paramount.

“Swimming pools, whether they be residential or commercial, involve clients investing a great deal of money,” comments Richard. “We have a duty of care to ensure those customers have the best equipment to look after the pool and lasts a long time. “If you are investing in a top of the range Porsche, you don’t put cheap oil in the tank – you opt for premium products. “That’s why Aquathermae specify the DAISY water treatment system,” explains Richard. “We have always aimed to deliver pristine safe water for our clients and hence incorporating the DAISY system into our pool plant design and specifications,” he said adding: “Switching to the DAISY means clients are swimming in the equivalent of mineral water.” Aquathermae also always advocate premium filtration options such as Lacron filters from Waterco for its deep beds; inverters slow flow filtration and fast backwashing and photocatalytic UV post filter from Elecro for ultimate screening and to reduce trihalomethanes and chlorates. This is essential when elite athletes are using the pool, to help prevent the respiratory implications of poorly managed pool water. The pool hall is maintained by a Heatstar climate control system for ultimate comfort for the bathers and physiotherapists.

“It is bizarre that dogs have higher standards and better access to quality hydrotherapy than most people,” who is also installing Swimex system in hospitals and clinics as far afield as Norway and Saudi Arabia not to mention the facilities at the SAS base in his home town of Hereford and the Help For Heroes recovery centre at Tedworth House.

ONLY AFM FILTER MEDIA is good enough for British Lions rugby players using this Swimex hydrotherapy pool at The Strive Sports Academy in Jersey.
ONLY AFM FILTER MEDIA is good enough for British Lions rugby players using this Swimex hydrotherapy pool at The Strive Sports Academy in Jersey.

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