NL Benefits Are Just Capital

Some of the team from London Swimming Pool Company, outside their new office in New Malden
Some of the team from London Swimming Pool Company, outside their new office in New Malden

Capital by name and nature, London Swimming Pool Company works closely with architects, designers and main contractors to interpret client briefs and transform their vision into beautiful, technically superior, state of the art pools.

The vast majority of LSPC’s pool design and build contracts are for the residential sector; with the split being 90 per cent residential and 10 per cent commercial. The business is actually split into two companies, LSPC Contracting and LSPC Servicing. LSPC services the luxury end of the residential market. At the commercial end, LSPC builds pools for hotel/leisure facilities, schools, colleges and hospital hydrotherapy pools. The company undertakes everything from the simplest luxury pool to highly complex installations including infinity edge, linear deck slot, standard deck level overflow and letterbox surface flow systems.

The design team uses the latest 3D CAD software to produce intricate technical drawings, brings advanced technology to pool design and build including high efficiency and environmentally friendly heating systems, moving floors, water features and a wide selection of LED underwater lighting systems. London Swimming Pool Company (LSPC) was founded by the late Tony Line in1984. Tony had a vision of building LSPC into a market leader in the luxury sector and drove the business in that direction from the outset. Major growth spurts came on the back of exhibiting at a pool show at Alexandra Palace in the late 1990s during a deep recession, when LSPC won a prestigious contract with an overseas royal family. This set off a domino of referrals in the luxury market. Today LSPC has 25 staff and is still growing. LSPC joined National Leisure in 2008 primarily to access preferential buying rates on a wide range of products. Membership also offered extended payment terms beyond that which you would get buying direct from the manufacturers as well as a reduction in invoicing administration.

Sharing of expertise and knowledge amongst members can be particularly helpful for problem solving or finding a product or component that may no longer be widely available.

Says managing director Jamie Smith: “LSPC already had well established contacts within the pool industry, so National Leisure has been less about making new connections and much more about engaging with existing contacts, sharing knowledge and drawing on expertise within the group as and when needed.”

He continues “For any company that is committed to high quality service – which means using quality products – National Leisure is a must; members are leading companies.” “National Leisure has tremendous buying power so it is able to bring members an array of competitively priced products,” Jamie adds.

“The organisation is able to provide product ranges that maintain a healthy margin because prices are not undercut by internet sales.” And Jamie urges: “I would strongly recommend National Leisure to a company considering it – they won’t regret it!”