O-Care In The Water Treatment Fast Lane

O CareSince O-Care launched its product range in the UK, in the latter half of 2015, the company has gained a loyal and passionate following. The UK success is being replicated globally with O-Care expanding to other countries within Europe and recently launched in the United States. The O-Care Spa Water Care concept was conceived back in 2009 as a brand in the Netherlands. That soon changed when the decision was made to introduce their products to different international markets.


An effective water maintenance product in conjunction with creative marketing and a smart sales concept helped O-Care expand their sales efforts to 15 different countries already. Even though the O-Care concept is being adapted and integrated quickly in many different countries Roel Fassbender, the CEO of O-Care Spa Water Care, believes that growth needs to be sustainable and not a goal in itself. “For the customer, convenience is the new luxury and retailers providing this convenience create customer loyalty,” says Roel, who recently took seven of O-Care’s UK retailers to Silverstone’s Formula One grand prix. “We focus on both the retailer and the consumers in every aspect,” he adds. “Customer loyalty is key and with the various O-Care tools we aim to help our retailers excel at that.” To support the product, O-Care provides free tools for both retailers and consumers such as a water maintenance app, animations and training programs to name just a few. “O-Care solves problems for everyone – but especially the busy retailer,” comments Roel who believes many more UK retailers could add to their revenue stream through the O-Care system while at the same time enhancing their customers’ hot tub experience. “O-Care is about adding value,” Roel emphasises. “It is not just selling a product. It is about enhancing the hot tub experience for customer and retailer alike.”

O Care TeamRetailers and hot tub owners alike are reaping the potentially rich rewards of the O-Care Weekly Spa Care package. Sold as a complementary product to standard sanitisers, most retailers use the O-Care sales concept and sell the product as a repeat subscription involving automatic dispatch via direct debit. The hot tub conditioner is fully supported by a water maintenance problem solving APP available on the App Store or Google play for smartphones or tablets and easy-to-follow website. Retailers in the UK have reported outstanding results. Some send out hundreds of repeat orders on direct debit every month. They send it out free of charge to the hot tub owner, through normal post services. In 2018 O-Care will have a busy schedule with shows in the US, France and the UK so retailers can be sure to meet Roel and his team and maybe even be persuaded to give the O-Care a try. Roel adds: “Step one is to try and experience O-Care for yourself so that you feel confident recommending it to your customers”

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