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OASE, one of the industry’s leading automatic pool cover providers has confirmed full patent rights have been granted for its ground-breaking Lumi-solar range of cover slats. The Lumi-solar® slat is transparent and is equipped with an anti-algae hinge. Only the hinge of the profile is made non-transparent to keep light from the hinge to prevent algae grew. The Lumi-solar® profiles are now transparent, where before the solar slats had to be made black at the bottom.

Transparent solar slats cause a better solar effect. Exposed to the sun, the air heats up in the hollow space within the slat profile. This heat then warms up the water underneath in the swimming pool — a sort of greenhouse effect. The results of tests during the summer have shown that the performance of heating up the water was +30 to +40%. With transparent solar slats people can still enjoy the lights in the swimming-pool. The solar transparent slats give a more modern touch and add to the design of the pool.

Standard colours available are Vivid Aqua and Crystal Clear. For product and project advice contact the OASE team; a name has been synonymous with quality and durability in the supply of automatic pool covers for more than 51 years.

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