Plastica Focus On Swimming Pool Safety

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ABOVE: The PoolsaverTM offers a tough cover construction to keep children or animals from entering the pool.

According to The Royal Life Saving Society UK, over 700 people drown in the UK and Ireland every year and many more suffer injury, some life-changing, through non-fatal experiences.
More people die from drowning in the UK and Ireland than from domestic fires or cycling accidents. With over 48 years of experience in the pool trade, Plastica know only too well the importance of safety around the pool. We offer a wide range of safety products to the trade to help keep pools as safe as possible. One common and safe way to keep a child from accessing a pool is to install a mesh fence. The Rollaway Fence is designed to protect children and animals from the dangers of swimming pools. The fencing is a safe and easy to install protection system which conforms to the French AFNOR Safety Standards. The strong tightly-weaved mesh is dark green and black in colour permitting the best transparency and therefore enhancing the look of your pool and surrounded area. With a spring-loaded gate which can be locked, you can gain access to the pool that small children cannot open.

Plastica Focus On Swimming Pool Safety pic 2The Immerstar battery-powered pool alarm is a clever system that can detect the falling of a body in a swimming pool.
The system has a sensor which sits in the water and analyses movement, distinguishing interference waves from those emitted by a falling body. The system will emit a loud, 100db siren, should a person or animal fall into the pool. The alarm is suitable for solid construction in or above-ground pools, up to a maximum size of 12m x 5m with a range of 7m to detect the fall of a body in the water. The system automatically switches from swim mode to alert mode so you don’t need to remember to turn it on or off. The PoolsaverTM safety cover has been designed by Plastica to offer a tough construction to cover the pool and keep children or animals from entering the pool while out of use.
This high-quality, low priced manual safety cover ensures it will safely support up to 100kg as per the latest French safety laws.
Available in four colours – blue, pastel green, green, and beige. You can choose the colour that best suits your swimming pool and its surroundings. The high-quality stainless ratchet straps help achieve almost effortless tension of the Poolsaver across the pool. At the end of the day, a swimming pool is only as safe as the owners who look after it. Accompanying small children at all times, keeping your pool well maintained is vital for peace of mind so it can be a fun and pleasurable experience for all the family.

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