Pool Partners Are Better By Design

Wrightfield Pools opted for the Natare system on the three pool refurbishment project at Pontiprydd Lido.
Wrightfield Pools opted for the Natare system on the three pool refurbishment project at Pontiprydd Lido.

Wrightfield, a specialist engineering company best known in the leisure industry for its work in moving pool floors, has signed a major distribution and manufacturing deal and is now the UK agent for the world-renowned stainless steel pool giant Natare Corporation. This exciting joint venture will focus on the design, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel swimming pools, vitality pools, and spas bespoke to clients’ specification.

All this will be orchestrated here in the UK for the first time, catering for both the commercial and the prime residential property development market. “Wrightfield’s strap line is ‘Better by Design’, which has a clear synergy with the core values integral to Natare,” said Wrightfield’s Pool Sales Manager Mark Watson. He adds: “The Natare approach to pool construction is heavily engineering-based, and hence is a perfect fit for Wrightfield.” With a history spanning four decades, Natare’s portfolio is extensive and boasts a good number of head-turning pools such as the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore, and more recently the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Houston, Texas. The Marina Bay Sands pool is still the world’s largest infinity edge pool, located a lofty 57 floors above street level.

FAST TRACK : In essence, the Natare system offers a fast track approach to pool construction, with the added benefit of reducing construction risks and costs. “The construction is a mixture of good engineering principals, modular construction and factory fabrication. These are the founding principles we use every day, so it’s a fantastic product to add to our portfolio,” explains Mark. He continues. “There are a myriad of benefits which will positively impact on many aspects of any pool project, reducing construction costs, logistics, build time, programming, operations and management costs and even maintenance programs etc.

“We will also provide value engineered designs and have a number of options to assist our customers and their clients to get the most out of their budget. This includes commercial pool refurbishment solutions that include gutter and deck drain replacement that can remove leaking perimeter pipework from the equation,” he adds. The working relationship between Natare and Wrightfield has developed on a great deal of trust and mutual respect. Wrightfield are the only distributor globally to have been granted the manufacturing rights over and above just being a sales agent. “It is undoubtedly a feather in our cap having gained this level of recognition,” says Mark.

TRUST AND RESPECT : “We have not only been entrusted with selling Natare products to the UK pool market, but also trusted to meet and maintain their very high standards. We are effectively responsible for the brand in the UK and it is an honour and a very exciting project to be involved in.” Wrightfield has grown from an initial team of five to a work force of over 50, working from a state of the art fabrication facility in Eye, Suffolk. Recent Wrightfield projects at Pontypridd and Crewe were both Natare builds, but each project was radically different. Pontypridd was a major Lido pool refurbishment, transforming a pool that had been closed for decades into a modern thriving facility. Three Natare pools were all constructed within the old lido pool profile.

The Crewe project was a total new build, where the council embraced the Natare module engineered pool concept, including Vacuum sand filtration, a UK first. Comments Mark: “Stainless steel is far more resilient to the harsh realities of the swimming pool environment. “Pool maintenance and refurbishment costs, over the pools life span are reduced by picking the correct material for the job.” He emphasises: “But it is the speed of build that has impressed me most. Pool shell installation can be completed in the time an equivalent concrete shell would take to cure, without the associated risk, complication, or weather restrictions.”