pwtagLast November saw the secondof PWTAG’s annual conferences and it was a sell-out success. This year’s event, in a new venue, is stuffed with even more vital, ground breaking presentations. Look out alsofor important news about PWTAG’s Poolmark scheme for validating pools. The details are not finalised butalready these look like the stand-outs.

This chlorine-resistant bug is still our pools’ number one threat. Dr Rachel Chalmers heads the NHS crypto reference unit, and has alsoresearched many outbreaks. She will review vital issues: why not moremonitoring, why so little baseline data,how should testing inform dealing withan outbreak?

Those at last year’s conference will remember the startling presentation from Martin Wood of Pool Sentry. He isback with the results of an important study of filtration effectiveness. He will explain how particles of various sizes(including 5μm crypto oocysts) are filtered out and what affects success– filter type, speed, flocculants etc. Headvocates risk-based management.

The EU BPR regs can be intimidating, dealing with both effectiveness and safety. Richy Mariner of the European Chemical Industry Council will explain how biocides have failed to meet one or both of thesecriteria. Manufacturers and suppliers must comply with the regs, but thepool operator has to meet theequally difficult challenge ofunderstanding profound changes in the chemical market place.

Chris Hebblewhite of GLL presentsan alternative view on computer vision systems for detecting drowning accidents. Chris argues that the current British Standard is too restrictive; the WG8 committee wants a standard that recognises other methods, which must take into account water quality, in particular turbidity.

These once-neglected relics are being cherished and revived. But they’re not like conventional pools,and can have their own technical challenges: old plant, deep waters,high bather loads, debris… Emma Pussin is the author of a new book on the subject, and will draw on herevxperience at the Portishead pools will be announced.

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