THE SUSTAINABLE POOL is the theme for November’s PWTAG Conference.

This year’s annual conference is PWTAG’s sixth – but the first since the pandemic to be face-to- face. The theme, very relevant to these challenging times in the industry, is The Sustainable Pool. There are three issues that should drive delegates to Nottingham in November: saving energy, reducing carbon and saving cost.

How pool operators and managers rank those three may vary, but the conference should showcase ways of addressing them all at the same time. The conference will address the challenge of designing and running leisure pools to meet the increasing requirements for energy and water conservation while continuing to provide the users with a pleasurable, safe experience.

All this is very much topical and there are positive models to draw on. For example, some of the speakers have been involved in the development of St Sidwell’s Point in Exeter which is the UK’s first Passivhaus standard, ultra-low carbon leisure centre, designed to save up to 70% on annual energy costs.

Rob Bryant from Space & Place Architects will consider the architectural aspects; Steven Platt of Teal Consultancy will provide engineering details; Tom Devin (Devin Consulting) will give an overview of sustainable pool water treatment; Simon Whittingham of FT Leisure will give his personal experience of designing the microfiltration and water treatment systems at St Sidwell’s Point to PHI standards.

DELEGATES WILL be looking to save energy, save costs and reduce carbon.

Sustainable leisure venues are very much in focus. A recent International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IKAS) seminar also featured London’s Marlborough Sports Garden and Ravelin Sports Centre The full list of presentations is still growing, but PWTAG’s conference will feature Ultra Aqua’s Ole Gronborg describing the use of drum filters in Denmark.

Chris Thornhill of Total Pool Chemicals, and others, will review applications of ceramic filters in the UK. The programme will also include an update on PWTAG’s work, the maintenance of microbiological safety in sustainable pools and an interactive ask-the-experts session, as well as the chance to meet the sponsors during the breaks.

Thursday 23 November, Eastwood Hall Hotel, Nottingham Full details of the conference programme will be on the PWTAG website along with information on how to register as a participant or sponsor.

Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group