ispeThe date for the next ISPE OneDay Seminar, the association’s 122nd, has been set for Thursday 10th October. The programme is being finalisedand will be sent to all ISPE members about six weeks before the event aswell as being available as a download from the ISPE website under the heading of Diary Dates. The theme of the day will belooking at how to put things rightwhen they all go wrong with regards to water treatment, and will lookat by-products of water treatment such as TDS, combined chlorine and sulphides. In addition, the subject ofcorrective treatments of, and testing for, phosphates, sulphates and heav ymetals will be covered.

Allen Wilson, FISPE, explore and discuss the subject of, ‘Read, Record,React’. Pool and spa chemical problems together with circulation for both domestic and commercial pools, will be included, too. This seminar will also feature the ISPE 2019 Awards andthe short AGM. The 123rd ISPE One-Day Seminar will be held at the Walton Park Hotel in Clevedon, North Somerset on Tuesday 19th November, 2019. More details in due course. All ISPE Seminars and Workshops are open to ISPE membersand non-members.The ‘hands-on’ ISPE Filtration Workshop will take place on Tuesday 5th November, in East Sussex (subjectto confirmation and demand).

ISPE are holding a list of those who are interested in attending and once the event is confirmed, will contact everyone on the list to confirm their place, or they can go onto the waiting list for the following event if they cannot make it. Spaces are stillavailable and more details of this excellent day’s training are available on request. The ISPE held a very successful‘Back-to-Basics’/Revision Seminar back in February (free to ISPE students) and it is planned to repeat this in February 2020, again, subject todemand.

Please email for more details and to register your interest.