RIGO TAKE THE DIRECT WELLNESS ROUTEAfter 9 years of manufacturing and supplying tiled pools and spas to the leisure sector, through a third party, you can now by direct from Rigo Spa. Responding to long-standing demands from the water leisure sector, Rigo Spa will be selling products direct to the pool trade – including tiled pools, swim spas and spas. Rigo Spa is a wellness design, manufacture, installation and maintenance company with more than 35 full time, employed staff. The company specialises in fully manufactured bespoke swimming pools, spas, swim spas, plunge pools and more.

Multiple national award winners, across many fields, Rigo Spa offer exceptional first-class service from design through to manufacture, Rigo Spa design custom-built solutions, tailored to meet client’s every desire. “We have a portfolio of fine craftsmanship and a genuine commitment to manufacturing the most durable and aesthetically pleasing products that are unparalleled in both their longevity and attention to detail. Striving to create a sustainably conscious design process,” says Rigo’s Tom Coan. “The benefits of trading direct with Rigo Spa include more competitive costs through direct trading, direct account managers based in the factory as one point of contact and real time information,” he adds. “All our products are manufactured uniquely to your exacting requirements providing durability, teamed with aesthetic perfection.”

RIGO TAKE THE DIRECT WELLNESS ROUTE 1Fabricating all bespoke products in-house within its manufacture facility in Wirral, from durable high quality material, Rigo Spa produces their very own feature-rich control units in fact, over 200 tiled spas and pools in 2017- 18 alone. Interestingly, as a UK-based manufacturer, Rigo is in a unique position to offer own brand options. “You can now have your own company logo on the technical drawings and on the manufactured product,” Tom points out. “This enables you to drive your brand forward to your client.” Imagery including video is available anytime throughout manufacture to show companies and their clients the current status of any product. Full technical support on products including an installation service for split shell joins and full installations are available on request. Design and technical drawings inclusive of 3D models and coloured renders offers transparency for wellness specialists and their clients of the products Rigo Spa manufacture. Check out the Rigo Spa website to see some of its work across pools, vitality spas, sauna and steam rooms and call to talk to the team about collaboration on future projects.