Save Even More On Pool Running Costs

Heatstar pioneered the use of EC Fan Technology and many of their units have been using this for some years.
Heatstar pioneered the use of EC Fan Technology and many of their units have been using this for some years.

Heatstar’s energy efficient pedigree is delivered by the use of a combination of technologies designed to work together to create a super-efficient system which uses less energy to give Heatstar units the lowest running costs on the market.

One of the most important elements is Heatstar’s use of EC Fan Technology. Heatstar pioneered the use of EC Fan Technology and many of their units have been using this for some years. Heatstar have continued to incorporate the EC fan system across their product range which now includes the Andromeda EC, the Phoenix EC, XF EC, Gemini, Taurus and the Hydrus AC.

The special fan in Heatstar units features the latest Electronically Commutated (EC) technology based around a DC motor coupled to an integrated AC frequency inverter. The super high-efficiency motor directly coupled to a high-efficiency “backward” curved fan impellor enables the same quantity of air-flow to be produced but at much reduced motor power consumption.


This special type of fan will automatically operate in a slow speed “eco-mode” during periods when there is low demand for either air heating or dehumidification during unoccupied periods. The fan speed in both “eco mode” and normal mode is also completely adjustable and can therefore be adjusted for the characteristics of each individual application.

Even though Heatstar units are acknowledged to be the most energy-efficient on the market it is in Heatstar’s DNA to constantly seek to improve energy efficiency in every area possible.

Heatstar develop, source and integrate the most energy efficient components to harness the latest cutting edge technology. An excellent example of this is the fact that Heatstar’s EC Fan Technology has been updated to incorporate the very latest RadiCal impellors.

These impellors are made of a high-tech compound material with optimised flow control, combined with proven single or three phase asynchronous motors. These are the outstanding features of the new generation of backward curved centrifugal fans.

The end result of all this high-tech design and implementation is that it creates maximum savings in running costs which benefits every pool owner with a Heatstar environmental control system.


Heatstar offer the option of tailor-making any of their new state of the art dehumidification units to fit existing pipes and ductwork. This service enables the absolute minimum of disruption during installation. The new units are made uniquely to fit directly into the footprint of the old unit greatly reducing the work involved so installation is faster and more simple saving time and cost.

In addition, every Heatstar unit is custom made to deliver the precise individual requirements of the application obviating the need to under or over size performance aspects.
Bespoke systems from Heatstar can achieve substantial savings in fuel bills and guaranteed long term energy efficiency.

Clients also have the added peace of mind that every Heatstar unit is designed and built to be fully compliant with all the new legislation and directives on energy efficiency
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