Setting Out To Exceed Expectations

Quality and outstanding design is the trademark of the Niveko brand.
Quality and outstanding design is the trademark of the Niveko brand.

Niveko is renowned as a manufacturer of high-quality pools designed and manufactured to not just reach but to exceed customer’s wishes and requirements.

Based in the Czech Republic, 90 percent of the annual installation of 450 pools is carried out in West European markets.

Niveko was founded in 1991 as a family firm, currently under the diligent stewardship of third generation Šimon Janča.

“The company takes pride in its principles and honours the values of the company philosophy; namely, always to act with fair approach, professionally, yet with all honour and respect to its partners, customers and, last but not least, employees,” says Šimon.

The company’s broad portfolio includes deck level skimmer pools and several styles of overflow pools; quality and outstanding design becoming the trademark of the Niveko company.

The basic pool includes inserted PVC grids or stone finishes.

Design variations include the endless overflow, suitable for environments with variable terrains; the Advance individual solution with glued stone or the minimalist Evolution design in which the transition between the water surface and the surrounding environment is so negligible that you will have the feeling of a consistent surface.

Niveko pools are constructed from the Polystone® material that is custom-made for the pool industry and modified specifically for the NIVEKO pools. During production, emphasis is put on quality processing, ecology, resistance and the overall aesthetic appearance of pools.

Every order is dealt with individually taking into account the customer’s wishes and requirements.

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