Swim England Base For PWTAG

Jane Nickerson, Swim England's CEO, is optimistic about the PWTAG move.
Jane Nickerson, Swim England’s CEO, is optimistic about the PWTAG move.

At the end of this month, PWTAG‘s administration will be moving from Tamworth to Swim England in Loughborough. That’s only 30 miles, but PWTAG directors are confident that the move will bring great benefits. PWTAG chair Janice Calvert is confident that this is a progressive move. A key advantage will be the unity of purpose that the two organisations share. ‘We are also anticipating that this new arrangement will open up networking opportunities within the swimming pool sector.’ Jane Nickerson, Swim England’s chief executive officer, is similarly optimistic: ‘It’s a great match. We are looking forward to hosting PWTAG’s public face, as well as working together and being able to provide support from right across Swim England.

The new arrangement with Swim England will provide many advantages, all of them included in one overall charge:

• on-site storage and distribution facilities
• the necessary backup services for distribution of books etc
• meeting rooms • clerking of PWTAG meetings – agendas, minutes etc
• membership processing and reports • a customer service telephone line
• website and database management
• social media and print ordering • accountancy
• a dedicated mailing, address, phone line and a key contact
• helping organise seminars and conferences.

Swim England was, until 2017, known as the Amateur Swimming Association, and since 1869 has been the national governing body for aquatics. As a PWTAG council member, it shares a primary concern with swimming pool water. Both are constantly seeking new ways of influencing pools to pursue our standards and guidance and to enhance their operation. As part of ongoing discussions about these shared aims, PWTAG discovered that Sport England provides administration and support services for a range of other sports bodies.