A WHOPPING 75% of the first Velocity counter current unit is already pre-sold.
A WHOPPING 75% of the first Velocity counter current unit is already pre-sold.

Nearly a year of research and design preceded the Lighthouse Pools launch of its new Velocity counter current system, unveiled at the end of last year.
Fully patented, most signifcantly, the new unit is British manufactured, neatly side-stepping the extended waiting times and carbon foot print, associated from importing around the world.

Tested through a priority launch to key customers, the Velocity has been so well received by pool contractors that 75 % of the first manufacturing run is already pre-sold.
“The Velocity SwimJet lives up to its name for sure,” says Kim Morrison an international triathlete, and also part of the Wensum Pools team, among the first to sign up to the new product.
Says Kim: “At first glance in the factory, the design is smooth, attractive and intriguing. Jumping in the pool towards the jet felt smooth at all paces right up to top speed!”
Key to the Velocity’s success is the ability to appeal to multiple swim levels from elite cross channel swimmers to doggy paddlers.
“Interestingly, you can hear the jet tap into ‘turbo mode’ giving you the assurance of its efficiency especially at a more leisurely swim pace.
“This swim jet’s feel and look hits the right spot in my opinion; for myself as a professional triathlete and all abilities of swimmers I coach, from beginners to top end athletes.”

The Velocity swim jet has been created as a natural extension to the HeatForm brand and aims to become the best performing swim jet on the market.
Using the latest in modern power and composite technologies, this powerful combination has resulted in the ultimate swimming experience provided by a unique system designed with energy saving at the forefront.
“Having talked to our key customers, we decided there was to be no half measures,” comments Daniel Phillips of Lighthouse Pools.
“We want to produce the top model available on the market, manufactured in Britain, that offers multiple wins for our trade customers but also for the consumer and the environment.”
At its heart, Velocity is powered by a 4kW 5hp inverter driven motor. This motor has been designed to utilise the latest in inverter drive technology to give a fully variable and adjustable swimming experience. The result of using the inverter drive is a quieter, more cost-effective system which is much more suited to installation in a European domestic environment. Simply put, inverter technology works on the principle of variable motor speed, the lower the speed – the lower the power consumption and increased saving to your electricity bill.
To make life easier, Velocity only requires a standard 20 amp single phase electrical supply to power the 4kW 5hp motor.
Designed with fexibility in mind, the Velocity swim jet is easy to install and fits on almost any pool; free- form or rectangular, vinyl or fibreglass, concrete or liner, in-ground or above-ground.
There are two options for installation. Velocity can be installed over the wall as a retrofitted counter current unit or behind its own bespoke cover panel giving a clean and unfussy finish to the pool. The advantage of installing a Velocity in a hidden recess with a cover panel means you get the most out of your pool by maximising the swim area.

DESIGNED WITH FLEXIBILITY in mind, the Velocity swim jet is easy to install and fits on almost any pool.
DESIGNED WITH FLEXIBILITY in mind, the Velocity swim jet is easy to install and fits on almost any pool.

This hidden version is the ultimate in performance and luxury for any pool. The cover panels, also made in Devon by the HeatForm team, is available in various colour options or can be tiled to match the chosen pool finish. The suction grills are designed to safely maintain flow levels and are manufactured in marine grade 316 stainless steel.
The Velocity power pack, installed within the pool plant room, provides over 100bar of hydraulic power to the unique head unit situated in the pool.
Controlled and driven using modern technology, a 42cm propeller developed in conjunction with the UK’s finest powerboat designers generates a perfect flow. The water is then pushed and straightened through the custom designed HeatForm grid system, resulting in a swimming experience second to none.
“Not only is it cheaper to run, it is better designed to hide behind a vanity panel and not sit like a carbuncle at the end of a pool,” says John Whiteside of Lighthouse. Adds John: “The first and only swim jet to be manufactured in the UK; the feedback has been immense.”

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