Taking Customers To The Next Level

AstralPool UK recently hosted its seminar on the them of The Next Level.
AstralPool UK recently hosted its seminar on the them of The Next Level.

Hosting its 2017 seminar recently, AstralPool UK looked to take its customers to The Next Level in a business development journey that began last year with the company’s Time For Change theme. Completing a two-year secondment to the company, Patrick Thorpe reported on outstanding sales growth, particularly in the domestic pool sector putting the company at number two in the market to its sister company Certikin, both part of the Fluidra stable.

“AstralPool UK has enjoyed fantastic growth on domestic pool equipment, particularly in thirst few months of this year,” he told delegates. “The growth is mind blowing and if that is the result of Brexit then bring it on. “We crashed through a glass ceiling, set by ourselves, of £3m turnover the on domestic pool market sales,” he revealed. General Manager Dyfed Thompson-Smith looked back on a momentous 2015 which saw the introduction of the Time For Change strategy.

“It has been a more balanced portfolio with a new offering of domestic range that has taken us through that glass sales ceiling with a change in leadership, improvements in customer service, communication and key to that success has been improved stock levels and bar coding stock controls.”

“We want to thank customers for taking the time and trouble to re-examine the AstralPool UK offering that is not only taking our company to The Next Level, but hopefully helping them to improve their business to another level in terms of profits and long-term success.”

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