White Knuckle Experience

The biggest challenge for waterpark operators is to make sure they continually offer new and exciting rides that attract guests, keep their interest and entice them to return. Pic: Polin Waterparks.

White-knuckle waterslides and rides may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they have proved to be a big business for award-winning Turkish company Polin Waterparks.

Boasting a vast portfolio of water slides and structures, Polin has become a global leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of waterparks and associated equipment.

“It’s all about heart-pounding and high-speed experiences,” reveals Şöhret Pakiş, communications director at Polin Waterparks.

“Customers crave an intense rider experience with exhilarating ride paths and big drops.”

To date, Polin Waterparks has designed and installed more than 2,500 waterparks in 93 countries around the world. Brand new waterparks are currently underway in France, Ukraine, Russia Greece and Hungary. In May, Polin undertook its first installation in Argentina at Parque de la Costa in Buenos Aires. The 3.5 acre site cost around £4.2 million and features a wave pool, six waterslides and a children’s water play structure.

Şöhret continues: “Another rising trend is theming. Right now, for example, we are creating a dragon-themed version for a project in China, a ship theme in Indonesia for Bugis Waterpark and a Humangasour theme for the Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark project.”

Based on a dinosaur theme, the aptly named Dino Waterpark in Thailand was recently completed by Polin. Focused on creating a tourism hub, Daino Park Company the park’s development firm wanted an attraction that would offer allure to an area of the country not typically considered a tourist destination. Polin was selected to design and supply the waterpark attractions due to the wide variety of one-of-a-kind rides that the company is known for. As a result, the park is now home to one of Polin’s newest rides – the Magicone. A high-capacity waterslide, the Magicone is shaped like a giant funnel tipped on its side; guests enter the streamlined, geometric form by sliding down a steep drop that sends them whirling around the conical interior.

“The waterpark industry is continually evolving,” says Şöhret. “We live in a society in which guests demand novelty so I think the biggest challenge for the waterpark operators is to make sure they continually offer new, exciting rides that attract guests, keep their interest, and make them want to come back again and again.

“To help in that effort, we design our waterslides according to studies of what the guests want. Basically, that means the consumers themselves are now shaping the waterslide designs.”

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