UK Team Soaks Up Export Success

Based in Lancashire, the development of the Hyprolyser® electrochlorination range has seen Gaffey make significant export as well as home market progress
Based in Lancashire, the development of the Hyprolyser® electrochlorination range has seen Gaffey make significant export as well as home market progress

Gaffey (Technical Services) Ltd was established by Mike Gaffey in 1986, who had worked at the coalface for 15 years as a former public baths manager and then nine years with chemical dosing and controls manufacturer, Stranco Ltd. By 1987 Mike had employed his two sons, Philip and Andrew, and the company developed as a chemical dosing and control specialist, primarily in the public swimming pool sector.

In 1989 the company embarked upon the small scale manufacture of automatic calcium hypochlorite feed systems for the commercial pool market, producing the first commercially successful feeders for granular and tablet products. Some 30 years on and the company has considerably grown its expertise evolving as a service provider to a leading UK manufacturer and trade supplier of disinfection systems for a wide range of treatment applications including industrial and food processing, brewing, Legionella control, commercial swimming pools and drinking water.

SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS : Since 2011 the development of the Hyprolyser® electrochlorination range has allowed the company to make significant progress in exporting its products to Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Australasia, supported by an experienced and dedicated team of 18 staff who provide trade partners with the training, quality products and technical support services needed to succeed in their markets. Andrew Gaffey, Technical Director, comments: “Phil and I know that the success of the company has been built on the basis of continued learning about the industries we work in, and in understanding what our customers key needs are as their business and industry changes over time. “We need to continue this to ensure we remain relevant and provide products and solutions that make a real improvement to their operations and bottom line.”

GREAT SUCCESS : The development of the Hyprolyser® range, manufactured by Gaffey in Lancashire, has been a great success both for the company and its customers. The Hyprolyser® system uses salt, water and electricity to safely produce a dilute sodium hypochlorite solution on-site, on demand. Unlike ‘in-line’ electrochlorination systems, that require salt to be added directly to the pool, the Hyprolyser generates hypochlorite which is then transferred to a product storage tank, from which dosing can be provided for any number of pools from a single, suitably sized Hyprolyser system. The inherent safety benefit of using salt as the primary raw material for producing disinfectant has proved extremely popular with many commercial pool operators by eliminating the delivery, storage and handling of hazardous chlorine chemicals. Andrew comments: “The Hyprolyser generates a hypochlorite solution containing less than 1% chlorine, meaning the liquid product is not classified as hazardous.

“Apart from the low-operating cost of a Hyprolyser system, this feature is a big advantage to the operator as it provides them with a low hazard plant room, eliminates injector maintenance and greatly reduces their COSHH management workload. “With many organisations still being pressured to cut operating costs and at the same time improve health and safety standards, the Hyprolyser certainly makes a compelling offer.” Hyprolyser sales, installation and service are available through Gaffey’s trade partner network.

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