Winning Formula For Pollet

Pollet 1The team from Pollet Pool Group welcomed delegates to its annual UK seminar, held in Cheltenham last month, confident they would find the event both informative and enjoyable. Delegates were introduced to the technicalities of a range of new and upgraded products with a slick programme of seminars featuring flagship brands.

“At Pollet Pool Group UK, we strive to offer unique and innovative products to help our customers differentiate themselves from fierce competition and, at the same time, to help the pool operators and owners to achieve safe, pleasant and problem-free swimming pools with superior water quality,” said Director and General Manager of Pollet, Peter Turnbull.

“With the right partners, Pollet Pool Group UK support their customers with regular in-depth technical training both on-site and in the classroom to ensure the level of expertise and competence is maintained at a professional level.” Seven informative technical sessions were arranged with delegates moving between each presentation station.


Event organiser, Jimmy Lamb, gave a presentation himself entitled Swimming In Drinking Water. He outlined how to operate a pool with chlorine levels as low as 0.3mg/l with the benefit of the Daisi water treatment system from Dryden Aqua. PPG introduced customers to the Fitt Group as Andrea Baldasso and Francesco Faedda demonstrated the innovative features of the Fitt B-active hose comparing to the standard hose and Fitt’s obvious benefits for use in residential pools.

Koen Jans of Pahlen gave a presentation on the correction selection and sizing of electric heaters and heat exchangers from swimming pools while Tintometer discussed the correct kits d regents for various pool testing parameters. PPG team members Trevor Stride and John Harrold talked about the correct sizing and installation consideration for heat pumps while Bayrol’s Juergen Koenig introduced the new Chlorlong range of incorporating low chlorine odour technology.

The event closed with a presentation from Chris Hayes, of the British Swimming Pool Federation detailing the latest activities of the trade association and the many benefits of joining. In the break-out room, delegates were able to discuss the finer points of a variety of Pollet Pool Group UK catalogue items include those from Bombas-SACI, Flexinox, Nextpool, Speck and Waterco Bombas. With the business end of the visit complete, delegates were able to relax and enjoy an outstanding dinner dance late into the night including prize giving and competition giveaways.