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Bosta 1Bosta UK recently gathered customers, from all over Europe, for a grand tour of its state-of-the art European distribution centre near Veghel, in Holland.

The 11,000m2 surface area ‘smart’ warehouse is packed with €20m stock at any one time representing a staggering 19,000 product lines. The mammoth building boasts 18,000 pallet stations, ten loading docks and an additional 3,300m2 covered outside space to ensure quick and semi-automated order processing.

“We have been working with the world’s leading pool manufacturers such as Hayward and Pentair to design and offer our own exclusive ranges,” comments Bosta UK managing director, Conrad Bos. “We are very proud of our own tried, tested and exclusive brands that have been sourced with many years’ experience from professional manufacturers across the globe,” he explains. “This means, we are able to offer complete packages for the pool market – one-stop-shop solution for pool installations at unrivalled prices thanks to our combined buying power.”

Still considered by many to be the new kids on the UK pool market block, Bosta’s roots actually date back to 1943, initially specialising in technical products for agriculture, horticulture and the food industry. It was in the Seventies the group, with a presence in seven countries, began to reach out to swimming pool markets.


“We are fully focused on customer demands and needs, ensuring the best products are available at the best value prices,” says Conrad. Bosta prides itself on unrivalled customer consultations and, with this in mind, will be establishing a Customer Panel next year. Says Conrad: “2018 sees us incentivising our customers to provide expert feedback on service and innovative products to continue our goal of providing complete solutions to the pool market.” Bosta flagship products currently include:

• Hydro-Pro Heat PumpSBosta 2
• Hayward All-In-One Controller
• Mega range of PVC Pipes, Fittings and Valves
• Fibreglass Pools complete with pool kit
• Pentair Sta-Rite pumps (exclusive)

For many years Bosta has offered a growth rebate scheme – customers are incentivised to grow their turnover each year then be rewarded with a percentage rebate. Loyal customers have the ability to re-stock for the pool season at exclusive prices with favourable payment terms – helping Bosta UK customers be competitive year on year.

Next day delivery and standard 48 hour delivery into the UK, Bosta believe, of orders over £250, are cheaper than any of its closest UK rivals. Consignments can be tracked and progress traced using Bosta’s online account access. As well as the serious business of the day, with tours and product seminars, there was an opportunity to take part in a variety of competitive games during the breaks.

In the evening, the Mega Holding Group treated visitors to a memorable party, based on a Vegas theme, with a busy complementary casino, dancing to a live band and lashings of food and drink. Living up to its company ethos of sustainability, the company also invested in a tree planting project in Uganda, as a lasting legacy of the event.

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