WTP Pushes Ahead With Acquisition

WTP has invested heavily in its leisure division, with improved manufacturing capabilities, new formulations and packaging methods and investment into the new Biocide Product Regulation.

Water Treatment Products (WTP) continues to strengthen its position in the wet leisure chemical sector with the recent acquisition of Confederate Chemicals Leisure.

As of July, WTP will be building on Confederate Chemicals’ reputation in the industry, while the latter develops business interests in other sectors. First introduced to the water treatment market in 1999, WTP continues to see positive year on year growth through continuous investment and commitment.

From modest beginnings, the South-Wales based business is looking towards a bright future embracing new legislation and investing in staff and production capabilities for customers.

James Lee, managing director of WTP’s leisure division comments: “The future is always hard to predict for the industry. In the past 16 years I have worked in the industry I have seen many changes, some good and other not so good. The business philosophy at WTP will be to continue on new opportunities and concentrate on our strengths.”

This year sees the initial implementation of the Biocide Product Regulation (BPR), which will impact on the distribution of many chemical products including Copper Algaecide Formulations, Stabilised Chlorine Granules (SDIC), Stabilised Chlorine Tablets (TCCA), Calcium Hypochlorite and Bromine sold within the UK and Europe markets.

WTP has invested heavily in preparation for the BPR ensuring stocks are increased to meet customer demands and ensuring legislation requirements are met.

James explains: “The BPR has already impacted on other industries and is likely to impact on the swimming pool and spa market in the very near future and for many more months to follow.

“There is likely to be price increases and short supply as manufacturers and distributors get to grip with the legislation, those who have not invested in the BPR will simply not be able to sell their products, its’ as simple as that.”

Moving into 2016, WTP will be setting its sights on new markets in Europe and further afield as well as launching a number of new products; this year has already seen the launch of Klearpool Long Life Copper Algaecide.

Says James: “We will continue to offer the industry quality products at the right price for a growing and demanding market, therefore reinforcing our position as a market leader for innovation and packaging solutions.

“There is no better time to talk to WTP than now, don’t wait until it’s too late and get left behind with the others!”

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