OCEA UK are the go-to UK supplier of the highly acclaimed Dutch brand, Starline, the designed with an up-market appeal similar to that of a luxury yacht. The Starline Monoblock series of pools is available in nine different ranges:

Nova – minimalistic design with high waterline directly below the coping stones Infinity – a great mirror effect with overflowing waterline coming right up to the coping stones

Essential –a timeless design with a classical hint boasts straight steps with a starting block in the middle

Essential Xcite –10.75m to 9.75 m length has an integrated lounge plateau, wide walk in stairs.

Dynamic Line – 11m long, this is a family pool with safety rim and standing ledge, various corner steps.

Urban Active – offers endless swimming with counter current and compact, functional design

City – compact design for a modest garden, maximising fun in a minimal space

Classic – semi-round steps with a starting block a very elegant Mediterranean feel with safety rim and standing ledge

Economy – 7m length, depth of 140cm, safety edge and standing edge

With a few remaining geographic territories available, contact the Ocea UK team without delay if you don’t want to miss out.

Ocea UK (Starline Pools)
Tel. 01993 707910