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back to basics

Poolscape was called out to rescue a natural swimming pool in the Cotswolds that was in need of some ‘TLC’.

The pool had been completed just six months earlier by another pool supplier, but had already turned green with floating algae. The poor quality equipment installed had started breaking down and the owner was experiencing high energy costs.

The pool had been unusable all summer and had started to smell horribly. There was also a water feature in the pool, which was operated by a 230v pump and was very dangerous.

“The renovation of the pool was not straightforward,” explains Peter Miles of Poolscape. “We firstly had to work out how the other company had constructed the pool and only then could we start to unpick the problems.”

Working in partnership with Biotop, a leading company in the field of natural pool systems, the Poolscape team recalculated the correct proportions of regeneration zone to swimming zone for the size of the pool and began the reconstruction.

The filtration system was completely replaced, along with the lining, pumps, skimmer, decking and paving.

Says Peter: “Due to the landscaping around the pool. We couldn’t bring in heavy-weight equipment so we had to hand dig the regeneration areas.

“We installed premium BIOTOP equipment which included a combined pump chamber, phostec ultra filter, an Oase 12v pump and auto top up system.”

To provide an elegant finishing touch to the design, Poolscape installed high quality aluminium edging to give the pool a sophisticated look. The pool was then filled and was ready for the client’s first swim in early summer.

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