blackOutstanding interaction between the architecture of the house, complementing the pool and its surroundings, has culminated in this tasteful contrast of black and white.
Situated on the outskirts of a little German village in BadenWĆ¼rttemberg, the eye-catching interplay is created by a new family villa and a NIVEKO multi overflow pool.
This is mainly the result of the recurring style, a play with black-and-white contrasts. The villaā€™s white facade is edged with black lines, as is the 8.5-metre-long pool with its overflow trough and embedded natural black granite.

ā€œAs were we building a new house from the ground up, a pool was a must on our list of essentials,ā€ said the pool owner. ā€œHowever, I also wanted a pool that I would not have to spend too much time taking care of and that would be easy to maintain. ā€œNaturally, I already had an idea of how I wanted our pool to look ā€“ definitely an overflow, with a slat cover and top-of-therange filtration technology that I would not have to keep too close an eye on. ā€œIt wasnā€™t until I came across NIVEKO that I found a good balance between design quality and features,ā€ he added.

The NIVEKO pool also includes a set of steps that run all along the width of the pool. Each individual detail has its own place here. The shapes, colours and proportions tastefully complement the minimalist style of the house. Just as elegant is the attractive seating, offering a beautiful view of the terrace and the pool. The high stone-filled gabion wall screens all this from prying eyes. Ornamental plants give the whole place the atmosphere of a seaside residence. This unique project was awarded the gold medal in a competition organised by the German pool trade organisation bsw, as the winner of the 2018 private outdoor pool category.

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