BOOST FOR THERAPEUTIC INFRARED SAUNASStudies in America have shown that infra heat offers numerous health benefits and, in this context, can help draw out the harmful toxins that may have been ingested in the course of a fire rescue.  As a result, some fire stations are now installing infrared cabin saunas as a therapy treatment in an effort to reduce the risk of onset illnesses.

In the UK, there has been an increased demand for infrared saunas, often for the health-related benefits it offers. As the long-term authorized partner for leading sauna producer Tylö, Golden Coast offers a comprehensive range of infra products, including the highly regarded and exceptionally versatile IR range. Infrared saunas are designed to provide a different kind of experience, delivering heat directly to the individual through low radiation IR panels. Employing the state-of-the-art technology, electromagnetic radiation heats the infra cabin safely, effectively and almost instantly. Importantly, it spreads the heat evenly, supporting detoxification throughout the body. Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast explains: “With its large heating panels, an infrared sauna helps to warm the body, and the experience is relaxing but not overwhelming. The heat is not as intense as a conventional sauna and allows the user to sit inside for a longer period of time. “An infrared sauna is easy to install and easy-to-use, and is one of the most versatile sauna solutions on the market.”

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