Champion Performance From Savior In New Orleans

The Savior floating solar pump won best new product at the New Orleans pool and spa show.

The Savior, the world’s only portable, submersible, floating solar pump and filtration system, has triumphed at the 2012 International Pool, Spa,Patio Expo in New Orleans, voted Best New Product by a jury of pool and spa professionals. Marketed as the greenest, most energy efficient pool pump and filter system available for pool or spa owners, this revolutionary product promises better filtration than conventional systems and saves up to 100% on pool electricity bills; effectively pumps while filtering the pool free of charge. The Savior™ 5,000 has attachment options of ozone, ioniser, salt cell, UV, aerator, light and GPRS Smartphone control and social network information connection kit. It also doubles as an emergency power source for the home and family as a portable generator for power failures, natural disasters and remote power. Solar powered from sunrise to dusk, even in cloudy weather, the Savior™ takes close to 15,000 pounds of pollution out of the air every year and will reduce carbon footprint by the equivalent of taking three cars off the road per unit.

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