Clean Lines

clean linesHot Tub People Inc. worked with Czech-based, one piece pool manufacturer, Niveko, to create this one-piece outdoor training pool in Bristol.

A family of keen swimmers, the client requested a swimming pool that would provide an adequate training facility, allowing users to tumble-turn and achieve adequate swimming lengths that could be timed and assessed for speed and accuracy. The bespoke pool shell was designed by Niveko and has a polypropylene finish.

In this instance, the shell was too long for the British road transport so HTP had the sections built and welded on site to form the structure within the pool excavations.

Lewis Salvidge of HTP comments: “We have worked with Niveko for the last four years and we fulfilled the brief for this project by custom building the Monopool to exact depth and length. Niveko excelled in the design process due to the endless customisation options that can be integrated into the one piece pool design. Neither us or the client were restricted to standard designs.”

The plant room and technology has its own shaft in the ground, adjacent the pool and is concealed out of sight without taking up space above ground. Integrated within the pool is a roller cover hidden behind the pool wall, which has remote operation for ease of use.

From the point of arriving on site and marking out the dig, to concreting the pool in place, HTP’s three-week turnaround time meant that the client could use the pool for swimming while the surround and finishes were laid.

Lewis adds: “One of the challenges that we often come up against is access and location. In this case, the initial access roads were hazardous, especially for our haulage and delivery of concrete.

“However, it was ultimately a perfect garden to work in and the client was delighted with the end result.”

A family run business, HTP has over 20 years experience in swimming pool, spa, sauna and steam room installations in both the domestic and commercial markets.

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