Experts Work In Perfect Harmony

Guncast (2)This contemporary garden design is an outstanding example of collaboration between two experts in their industries.

Creating a luxury outdoor space, the swimming pool was constructed and finished by Guncast Swimming Pools and the landscaping was carried out by Katja Griffiths of Design by Katja.

The outdoor space has a contemporary feel with the introduction of large format porcelain within the pool and limestone surrounding the pool to provide a smooth and endless finish. The design is geometrical using the lines of the borders, steps to the pool, copings and courtyard, however, the artistic eye of the client required a dreamy watercolour so material selection was essential to create the right balance. The design was to be defined, elegant and more importantly that the inside of the house blends with the outside space. The grey porcelain lining of the swimming pool blended with the fossil pearl limestone, serene coping detail and key lighting to bring this elegant pool to life. There are strong topiary shapes both in the courtyard and pool surrounds to accentuate the chic contemporary feel to the geometric design.

Andy Carr, commercial director at Guncast Swimming Pools said: “Working with the large format tiles in the pool shell and including some great lighting additions brought the luxury to the design, while keeping on track with the style of the outdoor space. The large tiles encourage the eye to view the swimming pool as one large entity.”

Katja Griffiths of Design by Katja commented on the project: “This unique opportunity to create an outdoor space merging the strong geometrical shapes with soft watercolour tones was a great challenge for me. Not only was the primary focus on the swimming pool, but planting and courtyard was required to blend perfectly with the new extension. These type of challenges are perfect for me, as it pushes the boundaries of more traditional landscaping.”