Great Expectations

greatexpectationsThis indoor concrete tiled pool is the result of a total transformation of an existing garage and storage space into a private wellness complex. The six month project, by Jersey-based Florida Pools and Spas, encompassed the construction of the swimming pool including a slatted automatic cover, plus the installation of a fully tiled Signature Spa, a bespoke steam room, gym and changing room. Gary Hotton of Florida Pools and Spas explains: “The client is a very well-travelled gentleman with numerous high end homes across the globe and he wanted to ensure his Jersey home matched up to expectations.

All aspects of the project were meticulously designed, taking into careful consideration the finish and type of each tile being laid to ensure the end result had no awkward tile cuts or laying patterns.” One of the key criteria was to ensure that only the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products were used. With this in mind, Florida Pools opted for LED lighting while the pool is wrapped in 80mm thermal insulation to reduce energy loss. Both the pool and spa are finished in an Iridis mosaic tile infused with a petroleum based substance to ensure the tile shimmers and changes colour according to light reflection. Fading glass tiles were selected for the existing walls and arches, to give the illusion of greater height within the pool room.

These glass mosaic tiles also provide the finish for the custom-built steam room. Gary adds: “This unique project was completed in less than six months, however a year of planning and design occurred prior to commencing onsite, which ensured that the final design not only matched the client’s requirements but exceeded their expectations.”

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