Hand-In-Glove Collaboration Pays Off

A barn style, detached pool house in Oxfordshire gave Origin Leisure and Heatstar yet another opportunity to combine their strengths and work together on a prestigious project.

The brief was to create an independent leisure barn as part of a unique residential property being developed on the site of old rural out buildings by property developer Brookes Cavendish.

Managed by Henry Smith and Alex Johnson, the firm specialises in individually designed, large residential properties on the finest sites in the Chilterns around Henley-on-Thames. In this case, Brookes Cavendish wanted to enhance their property’s facilities by adding a sympathetically designed unit to house a games room, spa and indoor pool.

Middlesex-based Origin Leisure was chosen to build this leisure barn and provided a concept to completion service working with the developer’s own in-house designers. Following their appointment Origin worked with the developer’s team to create the design and specification of the leisure barn in keeping with its location and the features of the main house. Heatstar were then approached to propose environmental control solutions to work efficiently and economically with the building.

It was particularly relevant that Heatstar was chosen because the building required a ducting solution and, because of the volume of glass in the design, ducting and dehumidification were particularly important – just two of Heatstar’s key skill areas.

The unit chosen for this particular application was the Heatstar ANDROMEDA FX 2000 Super Plus. Origin has some very specific reasons why it so often uses Heatstar for these projects as David Horne explains: “For me it is the professionalism of the staff – particularly Joe Venables and his team. They are great to work with from start to finish. They respond to the spec we give them quickly and knowledgeably and they come up with the right ideas and options to meet each individual application. They are also extremely flexible in their service and support”.