Home Pools Boost From Olympic 2012 Legacy

Since the end of the London 2012 games, one sport which seems to have particularly captured the nation’s eye is swimming, which according to reports from commercial swimming pools all over the country, has already seen a rise in numbers of participants. Britain will reap the benefits of hosting the 2012 games for years to come, by having both the outstanding facilities now available in East London, and the ‘feel good’ factor of the Olympics inspiring people to get fit. Jack Harding, managing director of Guncast, a leading swimming pool specialist, comments: “We have already seen an increase in enquiries regarding both indoor and outdoor swimming pool installations, where the prime motivation is to install a pool for exercise and fitness.” At this time of year the majority of enquiries are for indoor, serious swimmer pools, largely due to the unpredictable nature of the British climate. This, combined with limited amounts of space in the inner city has resulted in a dramatic growth in the numbers of homeowners excavating basements in their townhouses to install sophisticated leisure suites. “Many clients choose to build pools with innovative design features using recent technological advances in pool design,” comments Jack, “In particular; we have had requests for counter current units, which create currents to swim against enabling a serious work out in pools of all sizes”. Pools are now being built which can transform from indoors to outdoors at the touch of a button, enabling year round usage, whilst moving walls and fold back doors enable pools to add a dramatic dimension to any house. With no limit to their creative talent, the designers at Guncast have recently installed a moving floor pool, offering versatility and multi-functionality, to a designer London dwelling, effectively putting the pool away, and allowing clients to transform from a pool to a gym, games room or even a ballroom.

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