Less Is More For Newson

The pool was installed by Norwich-based Newson Swimming Pools last year.

Norwich-based Newson Swimming Pools recently undertook the installation of an outdoor pool at a converted barn residence.

As it was an existing building, the team were restricted by the location of the filtration plant, which was situated in a small changing area.

“Due to the confined space allocation for the plant room, it was essential that we made the most of all of the space available,” explains managing director Shaun Newson.

The solution was a wall-mounted filtration plant by using the Waterco Multicyclone Plus cartridge filter. The team was then able to install a filtration plant, heat exchanger and control equipment in a floor area of only 300mm x 1200mm, which also included storage space for the chemical and test kit.

Shaun continues: “The purpose of the heat exchanger was only to boost the temperature as the main source of the pool water heating was achieved by means of an air source heat pump positioned outside.

“An added benefit was that there was no need to back wash the pool, thus reducing on the amount of water and chemicals wasted down the drain.”

Certikin lighting was also installed to highlight the clarity of the water in the evenings and Newson Swimming Pools now visit the pool on a monthly basis to maintain the Multicyclone filter.

“The pool has now been running for a season and the customer has said that the new pool is using only 30 per cent of the chemical they used on their previous pool,” adds Shaun.

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