Life On Ocean Wave For Yacht Pool

yachtpoolThe Yacht Pool is the latest design in the Compass Pools range of one-piece in-ground swimming pools. The Yacht Pool features some very obvious nautical styling cues, from the teak decking surrounding the integral hydrotherapy hot tub, to the polished steel handrails adorning each side of the stylised bow. Even the controls which operate the hydrotherapy jets are based on a pair of stainless steel marine throttle levers. The Yacht Pool features other refinements like multi-coloured LED underwater lighting and a counter-current swimming unit.


The pool structure itself is, uniquely to Compass Pools, a multi- layer composite featuring a ceramic laminate and, with another nod to marine industries, carbon-fibre. This, Compass Pools say, gives the pool superior structural integrity, backed by Compass’s 50 year guarantee; and with a finish which, unlike older methods of pool construction, never requires relining, retiling or replastering. Alex Kemsley, Compass Pools UK’s managing director says: “It’s a design concept borne out of the fact that many of our pool owners also either own their own boat, or enjoy yachting. “This is probably not a coincidence as both pool ownership and boat ownership appeal to those who enjoy spending down-time outdoors being active with friends and family and socialising in or around water. So the design and features of the Yacht Pool is an homage to that lifestyle.” Prices for the Yacht Pool start at £150,000 installed.

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