Light Fantastic

goldenThis classic ground-floor pool and spa gets brilliant natural light through large surrounding windows that overlook expansive grounds. The lighting is a big feature in this elegant pool hall, from the daylight to the 3x3w Wibre underwater lighting in the pool to the grand ceiling illumination. The pool is 13.5m long x 4.20m wide with a shallow end of 1.5m in depth falling to 2m at the deep-end. The pool sports an Astral neck-jet water cannon on each side of the pool – these create strong waterfalls which are visually striking and fun to swim under. Steps on both sides of the spa lead into the pool. The 2.1-metre diameter spa accommodates five bathers, has an extended seatback and footwell – at seating level, the water depth is approximately 0.5 metres. Multiple jets deliver stimulating and soothing massages via standard air/water mix jets.


The same bespoke tiling design runs throughout the spa and pool. Large format porcelain tiles in a travertine design were cut to mosaic size and affixed to a backing sheet. To give the tiling extra pizzazz, different shades of beige and brown tiles were combined. Completing the pool is an Ocea automatic slatted pool cover. The pool cover mechanism is hidden under a structural false floor panel, which is blended into the pool finish. The pool cover is a light beige colour, matching the client-designed pool surround which is made of bespoke porcelain tiles. The pool cover helps to minimise running and maintenance costs as well as providing added safety by closing-off the pool when it is not in use. When not in use, the spa is also closed using a Certikin Thermalux foam throw-on cover.

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