Minimalistic Elegance Of German Pool

june 18
ABOVE: The fireplace is not merely a decorative feature, but also serves to heat the room

The modern house of this property broker’s young family is situated in a quiet part of a residential neighbourhood in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. For this family, swimming is an active way to relax, which, with their own indoor pool, is something they can enjoy every day. The stylish residence, which they designed themselves, simply had to have a pool hall that matched the look and fittings of the house as a whole. The white walls are complemented by a floor with large light-grey tiles. The contrasting black ceiling emphasises the polygonal shape of the hall. The designers made the most of this to create a cosy environment. The raised corner seating, a fireplace, which is not merely a decorative feature, but also serves to heat the room, and minimalistic accessories are separated from the surroundings by glass panes, which offer a view into the garden or adjacent living room. The Niveko Advance pool they chose features a design in which the overflow trough is covered by natural stone, with the inner stone completely submerged below the surface, thus emphasising the clean lines of the pool. The entrance steps with the first step extended can serve as a small rest area. The pool is fitted with a slatted cover, which prevents the water from evaporating and also maintains a constant water temperature in the pool. The cover disappears into a recess so as not to conflict with the aesthetics of a project which is dominated by its clean lines.

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