Movie Magic

This sleek subterranean pool with a moving floor is one of many custom-designed features built at a multi-million pound luxury London property modelled on the famous Maison de Verre in Paris.
Jamie Smith, Managing Director at London Swimming Pool Company said: “While space is not an issue at the sumptuous property, a pool with a moving floor allows the room to be used for multiple purposes, such as a private cinema. Bathers can watch a movie while luxuriating in the pool or the moving fl oor can be raised to deck level, sealing off the water and converting the pool room into a cinema for friends and family to enjoy the latest blockbuster.”
The minimalist pool design refl ects the contemporary interior design of the unique property. The pool measures 9.81 x 3 metres and features an attractive semi level deck system. Instead of the more conventional overflow system, the water sits just beneath the edge of the pool surface.
The pool incorporates high-quality stainless steel floor inlets that allow heated water to return to the pool, giving an even flow to the semi-level deck. The pool walls are finished with Pacelite, a cement-based lining that offers a luxury alternative to ceramic tiles.
The floor tiles surrounding the pool are natural stone and the surface of the moving fl oor is also fi nished in natural stone, ensuring a seamless fl oor throughout the room when the moving floor is raised.
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