NIVEKO RECYCLES all unused material and saves water through smart filtration.
NIVEKO RECYCLES all unused material and saves water through smart filtration.

From its very foundations, eco-friendly factors and social responsibility have been at the forefront of the Niveko Pools philosophy.
During the construction of the company’s new Czech Republic headquarters, consideration was given to the rise in electro-mobility so the site offers fully functional charging stations for electric cars.
All residual material left over from production is recycled and reused in other branches of industrial manufacturing. As the given material is of very high quality it is easy to recycle it as regranulate, meaning it places no burden on the environment as waste, and can be reused for further processing.
In 2021 Niveko started to support UNICEF, specifically its WASH programme. The main aim of this programme is to provide drinking water for people most in need in crisis-afflicted regions. This also puts the requisite hygiene and sanitation conditions in place in affected areas, and, in addition to the wells being built, in many cases children also receive an education.

Niveko’s range of overflow pools comprises an impressive five options. The Overflow Multi is a practical, simple design that is easy to maintain. This is also the ideal choice for those wanting an unconventionally shaped pool.
The Infinity overflow model is the best type for uneven terrain, while the overflow edge of the Infinity gives the impression of an endless body of water.
One of the most popular types is the Advance – this is mainly down to its design using natural granite, and with its distinctive rectangular lines can often be found as a stylish addition to modern houses.
The overflow edge of the Evolution model, a mere 20 mm thick, will appeal to any lover of minimalism. The great advantage of the Evolution is that it accentuates the water itself, while the transition between the pool surroundings and the water is almost imperceptible.
The last of the five overflow models is the unique Underflow. This novel combination of an overflow trough hidden under the floor with the advantages that are typically found in skimmer pools makes this a great choice for customers who want to make an impression with their outdoor pool, yet also care about practicality.

In order to provide them with the best training and information about the products that they sell, Niveko partners are always trained at the company headquarters, located in the Czech Republic.
There, they are given a demonstration of the company’s cutting-edge technologies and automated processes, and also have the chance to see the great amount of human work that goes into each pool and is reflected in the quality of the product they sell. Each partner receives a free marketing package to promote sales.
Assisting in the first installation of a pool is an authorised dealer, who oversees the project to ensure everything is delivered smoothly and is available for consultation concerning all specialist matters.

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