Operation Niveko

operation nivekoThe Niveko team understands that a pool purchase is not an everyday occurrence, so they take special care to make every project perfect.
The Niveko recipe is made up of ingredients of comfort, unique design and timeless technologies so that the pool can fulfil customer expectations both in the short and longer term. Having browsed both professional and consumer magazines, a senior neurosurgeon decided on Niveko for his beautiful house with a generously-sized garden in a quiet area near Leipzig. “Our inspiration for what the pool should look like also came partly from professional and lifestyle magazines and we fitted those concepts in with our own ideas,” he said. “As we had decided to have a covered pool, we could use it almost all year round. We also had a slatted cover which helps prevent the water from evaporating and keeps the water in the pool at a constant temperature.” Two Decades With 20 years of experience and more than 450 pool installations every year, Niveko has gained confidence and favour with customers all over Europe. “Thanks to continuous monitoring of trends and utilising state-of-the-art technologies, Niveko has become synonymous with a pool of uncompromising quality,” says CEO Šimon Janca. “For our pools, we use especially modified material for swimming pool production, which is the current technological leader in the sector. “The material contains UV-stabilisers so that it does not age, and looks like a new one after years,” he adds. For each of its projects, Niveko looks for the most environmentally friendly technological solutions, which simultaneously, reduces the pool operating costs. For instance, the variable-speed pump, with frequency inverter, reduces energy consumption. Add to that the pool insulation and the solar boost cover and Niveko know they are on to a winner. Simon concludes: “We are certain of the quality of our work. Therefore, we can easily offer customers an above-standard guarantee while providing turnkey services.”

Operation NPool Project

Pool : NIVEKO overflow Advance Length: 14m Width: 4.5m Depth: 1.45m
Specification: Overflow Advance – Whisper variant
Colour: White
Steps: Stairs internal corner, square
Lamps: Stainless steel Behncke round
Jets: Stainless steel Behncke round
Counter current: Binder Hydrostar
Pool Cover: Niveko PVC Classic Rock

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