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You have to go back to the late Seventies to find the first swimming pool constructed by David Clark and his multi award-winning Northamptonshire based Lifestyle Pools team. Three decades ago, with limited technology in the industry, the company’s aim was to build a better than average pool to the complete satisfaction and aspirations of the client, rather than an off-the-shelf package pools accepted at that time.

New innovation in the design of pools needed a truly versatile method of construction, which led to experimentation with sprayed concrete, much used in America. Although this technology was available in the construction industry, the quality and accuracy required for our pool construction could not be found, which led Lifestyle to the bold step of importing the most up to date equipment available from California, to construct our pool shells.

The result of this move was the formation of a second company Guntek Ltd, which has set the industry standards of pool shell construction others seek to achieve. Guntek now constructs pool shells for many major UK pool companies on a nationwide basis. On a recent project, the Lifestyle team was asked to install a bespoke pool and spa, complete with landscaping, to harmonise with the main house and existing borders.

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