SCS WERE CHOSEN to provide the pool shell on this natural swimming pool.
SCS WERE CHOSEN to provide the pool shell on this natural swimming pool.

We meet the UK’s leading swimming pool concrete specialists…

Being in the building trade from leaving school, David Bland fell into constructing swimming pools immediately after finishing his apprenticeship. Within three years, he had started a swimming pool construction company, with a colleague, that went on to become a prolific pool building team that was extremely well known within the industry.
“Within two years of starting the pool company, we found ourselves struggling to keep up with the demand for our builds,” David recalls. “In particular we made a decision to purchase all the equipment necessary for spraying concrete,” he adds, remembering the formation of a completely separate company in Sprayed Concrete Solutions.
“My thinking was, we should set up a stand-alone business to assist with our own projects but also to offer a construction service to the whole of the building trade.
“We began building relationships with several companies who have stayed loyal to us from day one, which for me is the greatest of compliments and most appreciated,” he says.
Success has been seen to breed success as, from the outset, SCS has aimed to provide an unparalleled professional service with the single aim of ensuring construction projects run as smoothly as possible.
All SCS staff are fully trained with CSCS cards and have many years’ experience with sprayed concrete. All their work is fully insured with any shape, size, commercial or domestic projects undertaken, all twin steel shells constructed to BS EN 1992-1-1.
Responding to increasing demand, David now focuses his full-time business attention on Sprayed Concrete Solutions and has separated from the original pool building partnership.
“Our reputation has been built on working with some of the largest and most respected construction teams and swimming pool companies in the UK,” David says. “We are set up to tackle a huge variety of challenging construction projects.”
Still dominating the top-end swimming pool market, concrete retains between 40-50% of the pool construction cake. There are many types of pool construction available, all have their pros and cons depending on their final locations and guess the ultimate choice for the client is the inevitable budget and particular requirements.
“It is common knowledge that concrete and tiled pools are the crown jewels in the terms of pool construction which obviously,” continues David. “I am firm a believer in them because of their many advantages.”

SCS generally work to lead times of 10 to 12 weeks and, along with the entire industry, have had to grapple with supply issues as David explains: “Over the last 18 months we have had issues with our material supply chain but have overcome these challenges by stocking up on timber and steel and ordering materials well in advance of the scheduled project start date.
David again: “We use both the sprayed and poured methods of concreting for building pool shells along with many other associated elements such as spa pools, cover pits, foundations, retaining walls and basements.
“Building swimming pool shells makes up 75% of our turnover with the remains 25% made up from constructing basements, retaining walls, foundations and civil engineering works, of the pools we construct 75% are domestic and 25% are commercial builds,” David shares.

SCS ARE CONSTRUCTING, on average, 50 pool shells per year all over the UK
SCS ARE CONSTRUCTING, on average, 50 pool shells per year all over the UK

As in any aspect of the building trade, it is best practice to be involved as soon as possible after concept stage.
“Personally, I think forethought, design and planning are critical ingredients for any project in any industry,” David believes. “With a defined proposal for all involved to access and ensuring all stages of the build are checked and documented, by a competent person, will without doubt, help ensure the project is successful.
“Having an in-house design team, specialising in pool construction, means we can offer our clients the full drawings package, assisting with all aspects of design stage and, crucially, liaising with their clients’ architects, designers and agents, direct, if necessary,” David confirms.

SCS is constructing, on average, 50 pool shells per year all over the UK for various clients but mainly in the Norfolk, North-East, Kent and Sussex areas.
“I am not sure how many pools are constructed every year in the UK but suspect our share of the construction market is about 5%,” estimates David.
“Drawing from our vast experience in the trade, the SCS team are always happy to share their knowledge to assist our clients on any of their requirements when needed and whether heeded or not,” David emphasises.
“Any company choosing Sprayed Concrete Solutions as its preferred supplier is in safe hands and will not be disappointed.
“Though I am sure I have yet to see it all and am always willing to learn and listen to new and old tricks,” he adds.

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