Starring TV Role For Lifestyle Group Pool

There was a starring role for a Lifestyle Group pool installation in the acclaimed television series, The Hunted.

Northamptonshire-based Lifestyle Group was pleasantly surprised to see a very familiar pool used as a location for Hunted, a BBC One series shown recently, to national acclaim. This swimming pool’s shotcrete shell was built by Lifestyle’s subsidiary company, Guntek Ltd in 2005. The build specification was 200mm thick shotcrete with double steel reinforcement. The pool interior and surround were finished in white Italian marble to stunning effect. David Clark of Lifestyle recalls: “During construction there was very poor access to site and all materials and concrete were via the front drive through the central hallway and dining room! “There were also extremely trying ground water problems which required sheet piling to the entire excavation and permanent pumping,” he adds. However, all was clearly completed successfully and the end result evidently admired by all, which is perhaps why it ended up with a star-studded television role.

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