Tight Squeeze For Pool Garage Conversion

SquishedPoolThe team from Panache Pools has proved there is a pool for every occasion, after completing the installation of a timber pool, with a counter-current unit, in a converted single garage in rural Northamptonshire. Panache was approached by the home owners who were keen swimmers. The retired couple had enquired about exercise pools or swim spas for the former garage space that was too small to fit even a single car into. Having ruled out other options on size and space restrictions, Panache recommended an indoor Dolphin Sport exercise pool with a Fastlane counter current unit. The pool was partially sunken for both ease of access and to give the head height required when accessing and exiting the pool under the standard domestic height ceiling. The design was influenced by the restricted space Panache had to work within and to be in-keeping with the sandstone cottage. The pool liner and tiles were chosen to blend with the existing cottage colours. In fact, the floor tiles match the existing cottage floor tiles perfectly. To read more, please subscribe here

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